Just a taste

Imagine a birth of a girl child.  Such a joyous moment. 28 years later she is at a clinic with doctors and Therapists who specialize in her needs. They greet her with kindness, direct eye contact, and explain while assessing her. “We are looking for ways to help you be more comfortable.”

She has G & J tubes. One to drain the stomach & one to feed. This has stopped the vomiting. A catheter is the third tube. She is non verbal & completely dependent for her needs. 

One of the appointments has a computer with retinal capability. She can focus her eyes on an area and make a choice. Beads of sweat form as she concentrates.  She chooses independently. Tears Of joy drop from me as I witness this moment. 

She has wonderful care. Her family has done so much beautifully. 

It won’t be easy using a computer program. Sometimes she will be frustrated as we all are at times with computers. We can teach her. How amazing would it be to have independent choice after 28 years? 

Freedom to look & communicate all sorts of things like:

I hurt.       I need help.         I itch.         Turn on a movie independently.           Listen to music independently.           Have quiet independently.           Choose a book independently.           Thank you.         I love you.         I am not sure.         Not yet.         Maybe.        I need a minute.        Yes please.          I am ready now. 

At the end of clinic day we enjoy some mat time on the floor and she keeps trying to get the monitor to work in the room. Having just a taste of freedom she is attempting to express herself. I explain they have to make a special one. This one doesn’t work with your eyes. 

Thank you to those who have created this devise.  May this be funded so others who depend on us may be able to enjoy the freedom of choice I know I take for granted. 

I am so glad you were born!

Auntie Karin

Nutty Grumpy Peanut

Peanut aka grumpy aka nutty had a tuff first chapter. When he found his people it took quite some time  to be picked up with out thick leather gloves. (He was crazed.) His people even considered whether to put him out of his misery.  

Then he allowed love. 

He still gets triggered & has episodes from time to time.
 As a loved ones touch him with kindness he yelps in pain. They mean no harm & he doesn’t mean to react in fear. 

Peanut loves his family. Now his sister dog is loosing her eyesight. Peanut leads her down the stairs to go potty. He has found  ways to give & accept love.  

No matter what, there are ways for  each of us to accomplish what we have come for. How can I experience love today? How can I serve?

I am so glad you were born!

Auntie Karin 



As the “quickening with in awakens that which once was dormant. We experience moments of choice. 



go insane.

Our nature is organic.

We are meant to find our way.

Allowance of love & gifts we innately possess. The doing of our gifts in love light us. Light the world. 

I am so glad you were born!

Auntie Karin

life elivates Mr. H

Mr. H removed his oxygen to speak freely.  Floating in & out of reality to share his wisdom of a life time with us. 

H- There are moments life elivates it’s self.  Peace with in. 

K- Everything is with in. 

H- That’s it. Everything remains a mystery. Universe are infinite. No end. 

K- Once you let go of body then there is all knowing. 

H- All be graced. To be there for a moment. There is peace. You don’t want to come back. Time, I look forward. Rude awakening of the spirit. Referred to as born again. I had a peek. 

Viola, such power and accomplished beauty. She saw Broman playing on the TV & she said Daddy will you buy me a violin. She was 3 or 4 years old. She played Bach at 4. His duplicity is magnificent. Already is Awsome you know. It has to be genius to see before it is played, But if you know Bach you know it is unique to a lot of music. 

Personal preference, Batoven. Wild man. Very deep. 

Smiling he puts one finger up. Closes his eyes. There is a peace here now. Do you live near the ocean? 

K- No but it calls me. I will go when it is time. 

H- It’s the end of the earth. Haunting. He shakes his head. Mostly water on the earth. 

K- Same with the body.

H- Yah. Birds talk all day I wonder what they say. 

K- They talk of love. 

He nods

H- The love. They love. Use to wonder what love is until I found God. He patiently waits & when it’s time he calls. 

He checks his oxygen tank. I offer help. It’s fine. He will continue with out it. We weep in love & understanding of this sacred moment. Things, earthly things need not distract us now. 

H- The beauty is everything. Those birds sing as we all do. No man is an island. 

K- Each of us has unique gifts allowing us to depend on each other.  We are all love. 

He nods. 

H- It’s a nice quite neighborhood. You see I have never heard the children fight or argue yet. 

How did you find your way here, the car? I nod. 

He smiles. Technology. Computers, conundrom. Tec is a thing and can be a terrible enemy. Many don’t know how to survive without a computer. Then want a new one. You can go down to the library for nothing. 

K- library is a wonderful service. 

H- Oh yah. Ours is new. Very commendable. The gal who does fundraising is a pal of mine. Exceptional, really good.         

Early on I realized what they were teaching in school was not for me so I began reading. Life is an ongoing process. 

You have such a kind countenance.  I hope you are so blessed. 

K- I am. 

H- I mean taken care of. 

K- I am here on purpose and life takes good care of me. I am taken care of. 

H- life is a bountiful  array of thoughts perceive  by as many ways as there are people to receive it. Experience.  We are constantly precieving, recieving, & interpreting through our own filters & habits. All of the promptings are with in awaiting moments of reflection. Then realization of love lives resides with in. Love is inevitable. 

Do you go to church?

K- No. Do you?

He laughs.  Then after a bit of silence he asks but who is right?

K- You are right when you choose love. When you act in kindness. When you allow yourself to be more than you were yesterday. Expansive. 

H- omnipotent. 

K- If there is hierarchy how is that love?

H- ya ya ya ya. I experienced a glimpse. I am no longer afraid.  It’s time to rest now. 

K- I love these conversations I am blessed to witness & experience. Blessed journey Dear One.  

I spent hours at the ocean preparing to meet Mr. H so I could show up completely present. What a gift he is!

I am so glad you were born!

Auntie Karin

Foxtrot Mike

F—‘n Magic.

There are moments that are beyond our comprehension and yet we witness them anyways. Things beyond our limited belief tickling us back to life. These moments change us forever! More foxtrot  mike please. 

I am so glad you were born!

Auntie Karin


The more I learn the more I am capable of discovering within myself.

Frankincense, is mentioned as a Gift in the Christ birth story.

 Frankincense can be used internally and externally for healing! I use Frankincense as topical oil.

Each batch is a little different. Finding and using Frankincense that is right for you can enhance the quality of your life. It is spendy. So when choosing, take your time to find the one for you. (pleasing smell or a little spicy at the tip of your tongue. if you are trying to decide between two.)

Frankincense & lavender or Frankincense & cedar are two of my favorite combinations. Some times I use them to clean after someone has been ill or a room has ben dormant. Add a couple drops to a warm damp cleaning cloth,  then wipe down any washable surfaces in the space. It does wonders to freshen up a room.

How do you use Frankincense and what have you learned?

I am so glad you were born!

Auntie Karin

I am well

Each moment we have an opportunity of choice. To be or not to be well.

I am well on new levels. I will be well in ways I have yet to discover.

I am finding being well can be a head game at times. Especially when you or someone you love is out of sorts. Each of us has our own way back to well-being. Many times it is more than one thing that awakens the change with in. Allows what has come, to pass.

Words of my Grandparents: It is how we behave when things seemingly are not going our way that defines us. It is easy to behave well when things are going our way. I so appreciate their wisdom.
I love to take photos when the light is just right. Later even looking at picture brings me such joy. Reminds me of the beauty we are surrounded by constantly. Instant Gratitude for me. Which naturally awakens well being!

What do you do to be well? What gets you to a place of Gratitude?

I am so glad you were born!

Auntie Karin


What is that and what is that telling me about that?

Post TBI, focusing on what is before me. Awaiting my mind to recognize what I am seeing. This process has taught me so much more about uncovering what lies beneath. This brilliant curiosity. This quest to experience and gain wisdom. (a new understanding) The hunger to learn is awakened anew. There is so much to know and so many wonderful teachers. Insights surround us. And yet everything is made up of the same thing. Brilliant!

What surprised you when you understood it differently?

I am so glad you were born!

Auntie Karin

Republic vs Democracy

Republic the power/system resides with in the people/government.

Democracy the power/ system by the whole people/ government.

Working with people on their death beads I find the with in issues to be life changing.

What are the differences between these two words/systems? What are your thoughts?

I am so glad you were born!

Auntie Karin